GelatoConnect Unveils Revolutionary Printing Supply Chain Innovation at Drupa 2024

Drupa, a trade fair for the printing sector, always impresses with its display of cutting-edge technologies and progress in printing. GelatoConnect took center stage at Drupa in 2024 with its efficient approach to printing supply chains. This revolutionary platform has transformed how businesses handle their printing requirements, enhancing productivity, cutting costs, and granting access to a network of printers.

Transforming Printing Supply Chains:

Traditional printing supply chains are often intricate and disjointed, posing obstacles for businesses worldwide. Managing suppliers across countries can result in delays, logistical challenges, increased expenses, and inconsistencies in quality. The Drupa 2024: GelatoConnect launch offers a solution by linking businesses with local printers globally.

Enabling Businesses to Expand 

GelatoConnect’s platform empowers businesses by removing barriers through its extensive network of local printers. With just a few clicks, companies can effortlessly order top-notch prints from any location around the globe while ensuring swift delivery and consistent quality.

Simplified Ordering Process:

Utilizing GelatoConnect is incredibly straightforward and effective. Businesses have the option to upload their designs either through the platform’s easy-to-use interface or by integrating them into their current print workflows using API integration choices. Once uploaded, they can personalize their print orders based on factors such as size, quantity, paper quality, finishing choices (such as laminating or embossing), and more.

Improving Print Quality Control:

GelatoConnect significantly boosts print quality control compared to printing supply chains by providing localized production from its network of professional printers worldwide. This guarantees that businesses uphold quality standards no matter where their target audience is located.

Streamlining Speed and Logistics:

One of GelatoConnect’s biggest advantages is its speed and logistics. With a network of printers, the platform facilitates quicker print production and substantially cuts down on shipping expenses. Orders are automatically directed to the printer in Gelato’s network, reducing transit time and ensuring delivery.

Cost Effective Consolidation:

GelatoConnect’s fresh approach to printing supply chains also delivers significant cost savings for businesses. By consolidating orders from multiple sites into a print job, companies can benefit from economies of scale, lowering printing and shipping costs while optimizing their budget.

Commitment to Sustainability:

In today’s world, where environmental awareness has grown significantly, a commitment to sustainability holds particular importance for businesses. GelatoConnect values sustainability in printing and has made it a core part of its principles. The platform promotes sustainable practices by linking businesses with printers and reducing carbon emissions linked to long-distance shipping.

Reliable Customer Service:

Exceptional customer service is crucial for any platform to enhance user satisfaction. GelatoConnect recognizes this significance and offers support through chatbots, emails, or phone assistance.

Embracing Print on Demand:

One of the standout features of GelatoConnect is its backing for print on demand services. This enables businesses to avoid vast print batches and expensive storage costs by ordering prints as needed, thus minimizing waste and cutting down on storage expenses.

Upholding Brand Consistency and Integrity:

Ensuring uniformity in branding across printing projects can be challenging, especially when dealing with suppliers. GelatoConnect addresses this issue by providing tools that aid businesses in maintaining their brand standards. The platform offers templates, color management solutions, proofing tools, and brand guidelines to guarantee prints that reflect a brand’s identity.

Exploring Market Insights Through Data Analysis:

In today’s era, data analysis is crucial for making informed business decisions. GelatoConnect uses data analysis to offer market insights to its users. By examining trends, patterns, and performance metrics of printers within the network, businesses can make decisions based on data about printing strategies, target audiences, and more.

GelatoConnect’s participation at Drupa 2024 represented a significant milestone in transforming printing supply chains. By linking businesses with a network of professional printers, this platform simplifies operations, cuts costs, enhances quality control, optimizes logistics processes, promotes sustainability efforts, and elevates customer service experiences. With GelatoConnect leading the way in accessible printing supply chains, businesses can concentrate on reaching their objectives without being burdened by print management complexities.

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