The Truth About Simplilearn: Unbiased Reviews and Feedback

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If you plan on taking an online course, you will need to ensure that it covers all the related topics and gives you practical experience. With the number of platforms you can choose from, looking for reviews from other learners is natural. Simplilearn is one of the top online bootcamps that has helped thousands of professionals upskill themselves and land in top-tier jobs with massive hikes.
If you plan on taking an online course, you will need to ensure that it covers all the related topics and gives you practical experience. With the number of platforms you can choose from, looking for reviews from other learners is natural. Simplilearn is one of the top online bootcamps that has helped thousands of professionals upskill themselves and land in top-tier jobs with massive hikes.

However, as everything available on the internet is consumed with a pick of salt, Simplielarn’s reviews also undergo a lot of speculation. Many wonder if the reviews are true. In this post, let’s decode everything you need to know about this upskilling platform and bust the myths around fake reviews.

So, continue reading if you want to know the truth about Simplilearn with unbiased reviews and feedback.

So, what is Simplilearn?

Simplilearn provides an internet-based educational platform catering to various subjects, from business and marketing to data science and beyond. An extensive catalog boasting over 120 courses covers diverse topics like digital marketing, cybersecurity, data science, artificial intelligence, cloud computing, devops, and software development, among others.

Many of these courses are offered in partnership with prestigious institutes from across the globe, like Purdue University, Caltech, Brown University, UMass Amherst, UC San Diego, IIT Madras, IIT Guwahati, and many more. Simpliearn also collaborates with organizations like Project Management Institute, IMB, Amazon, IIBA, etc., to design courses and offer certification. These partnerships and accreditations give Simplilearn certification weight and make them highly demanding in the job market.

Simplilearn online certification has helped 1 million+ learners over across 150+ countries get trained, acquire certifications, and boost their career growth by upskilling themselves.

Who can get certified from Simplilearn

Certifications have become necessary in this extremely competitive job-market of today. If you are a working professional who has just started your career and wants to upskill and domain knowledge, a certification is must for you. This is where Simplilearn’s array of online certifications can help you out.

It is also ideal for mid-career professionals who want to switch careers or gain relevant industry expertise in a particular domain.

Simplilearn offers a blended learning approach through its excellent curriculum. It comprises a good mix of instructor-led classroom training, online course content, and real-world projects that complement your course. Combining this with a self-learning pace provides smooth flexibility to its learners. 

Simplilearn has many free courses on Skillup, which is like a special part of their website just for free stuff. You can join live sessions, talk with others, and do assignments to ensure you get it. And the teachers are really helpful and ready to explain things until you get it.

Unbiased reviews and feedback about Simplilearn

Unbiased Simplilearn user reviews and feedback Simplilearn Simplilearn reviews are available on different review platforms like TrustPilot, Google Business Profile, Reddit, Mouthshut, and even on its official website. If you are wondering, ‘Is Simplilearn legit?’ this article will definitely answer your doubts.

Despite posting glowing testimonials on their website, evaluating independent user reviews critically is prudent.

Here is a list of positive aspects often highlighted by users.

  1. Wide range of courses

Simplilearn offers diverse courses catering to different industries and skill levels. This variety allows learners to find courses that match their interests and career goals.

  1. Flexible learning options

The platform offers flexibility in learning pace and schedule, allowing learners to study conveniently. This is particularly beneficial for working professionals and individuals with busy schedules.

  1. Industry-relevant content

Lots of learners like that Simplilearn’s courses are made to be useful in real jobs, giving you skills and knowledge you can actually use at work.

  1. Certification

Simplilearn provides certification upon course completion, which can benefit career advancement and credibility in the job market.

One Simplilearn alumni posted in Quora, saying-

“Why did I choose Simplilearn:

The course I wanted to do was offered by other platforms too, but there are a few reasons why I decided on Simplilearn.

  • The syllabus covers a lot of the topics in extreme detail.
  • Simplilearn takes you on a proper learning journey where the difficulty levels increase at a perfect pace.
  • Experts in the field with decades of experience teach you the course.
  • Projects and practical sessions allow you to use the tools you’re taught to use in the virtual lectures.
  • Simplilearn has a JobAssist program that helps you get a good placement.”

Another learner, who got a Data Analyst certification from Simplilearn, wrote on Reddit-

“The best thing about learning with Simplilearn is that because the lectures are pre-recorded, anyone can enroll and learn at their pace. I did my master’s degree with Simplilearn while doing my internship. So while I was learning on the job and getting paid, I was also upskilling myself on the side.”

Another review in Quora says 

“One thing I particularly appreciate about Simplilearn is their focus on practical, real-world skills. The digital marketing course, for example, doesn’t just teach you theory; it also equips you with practical skills that you can apply in your job or business right away.

When it comes to support, Simplilearn has a dedicated support team that’s available to help you with any questions or issues you may encounter during your learning journey.”

However, there are also some criticisms and areas for improvement highlighted by users:

  1. Quality of Instruction

Some users have raised concerns about the quality of instruction, particularly in certain courses where the content may need to be updated or better explained.

  1. Customer support

Some users have said that Simplilearn’s customer service isn’t very good at fixing tech problems or answering questions about payments.

  1. Course pricing

While Simplilearn offers a range of courses, some users find the pricing relatively high compared to other online learning platforms, especially considering the quality of instruction and support.

  1. Course updates

Some people say the courses should be updated more often to stay current with new trends and ideas in fast-changing areas like tech and online advertising.

A Quora user has posted this as feedback after completing the digital marketing course from Simplilearn.

“However, I would like to point out that all the instructors are Indian, and they mostly give Indian case studies and examples while teaching.“

Another Quora user says

“But listen: just ’cause Simplilearn is real doesn’t mean it’s flawless. Like any learning site, it has good and bad points. Some people might think it goes too quickly, while others want more fun stuff to do.

But if you’re ready to work hard, you can learn a lot from Simplilearn. They’ve got smart teachers, useful projects, and a friendly group to help you out.”

Choosing the right online learning platform can take time and effort. It’s important to do your homework and read honest reviews. Simplilearn offers many courses, but people have different opinions about it. Some like its courses and community, while others have customer service and course quality issues. You must consider these different opinions before deciding if Simplilearn is right for you and your goals.

Also, it is important to remember that no learning platform is absolute in itself. One needs to put in effort and utilize the facilities offered to the optimum to get the maximum benefit.

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