Trendy Wedding Hairstyles and Makeup Looks for the Modern Bride

Wedding Hairstyles and Makeup Looks

It’s your wedding, and you’re ready to wow your guests (and fiancée!) by looking drop-dead gorgeous. 

That’s non-negotiable: Your hair and makeup need to be top-notch. 

Like, when they say achieving perfection is impossible? Well, it needs to happen here—or come pretty dang close.

Short of doing your hair and makeup ourselves, we’ve got the next best thing: A comprehensive guide to modern trendy makeup looks for every bride. We’re pairing this with some other helpful tips to ensure you look absolutely positively stunning.

Your Vibe

The hair and makeup should mesh well with your theme. If you’ve got your aesthetic planned, pull some of the elements from that to help choose your look.

One way to do this is to apply the same adjectives used to describe your wedding theme to your hair and makeup. For example, “ethereal,” “modern,” “romantic.”

Ethereal brings to mind long loose curls, a flower crown, and a semi-natural look with rosy red cheeks and perhaps a bold lip.

Modern brings to mind a sleek updo, lashes, metallic accents, and expert contouring.

Romantic sounds like hair half-up half-down, with a soft smokey eye.

As you check out our ideas, use the same words that describe the way you want the wedding to feel, and apply them to your hair and makeup.

One last quick thing, don’t forget your bridesmaids! Perhaps you want their hair and makeup to look similar to yours—or totally different. Their appearance on your big day should align with your wedding style as well.

Modern Wedding Hairstyles

When checking out hairstyles, don’t feel as though you need to immediately choose one. Pick out a few, and don’t be shy to ask your stylist for input. 

The nature of your hair, such as length and characteristics, may also help inform how you style it for the wedding.

Wavy and Tousled

Beautiful in an effortless and romantic way, tousled waves are perfect for the bride who’s getting married outdoors. 

Think beachy meets refined. You want the waves, just not the frizz. An ideal look for wedding themes that pair natural beauty with glam.

Accessorized Hair 

From flower garlands to delicate diamond studded clips, adding little sparkly touches to your hair can take an everyday bun (or ponytail—any style really!) and make it fancy and special.

Low Bun

A low sleek bun—or perhaps even a side bun—with a few wavy tendrils that appear to have “broken loose” is always (ALWAYS!) stunning. It’s the perfect style to show off a dazzling pair of earrings, too.

Sleek Updo

Perhaps it’s a bun or ponytail. Whatever it is, it’s polished. This hairstyle is modern and minimal—and a great way to frame a bold makeup look.

Up and Braided

Having your hair French braided or braided in that beautiful fishtail style and then woven or pinned up into a beautiful updo is simply gorgeous. It’s another natural way of looking fancy.

Modern Wedding Makeup

Just like hair, it’s important to try out a few makeup looks before you reach your final decision. Here are a few of our favorite modern makeup ideas.

Bold Lip 

Exactly like it sounds: a bold lip emphasizes your lips with a bright bold pop of color. This look is sleek, polished and modern.

Natural Beauty

For those who don’t like a ton of makeup, this is a softer natural look—yet there’s no doubt about it. It’s still incredibly stunning.

Smoky Eye

A classic look that stands the test of time. It can be bold or soft—that’s up to you—it’s glamorous either way.

Extra Long Lashes

From lash extensions to fake lashes, here are a few ways of taking your lashes beyond the parameters of mascara. Long lashes are the best way of emphasizing your beautiful eyes. 

Whatever you choose, just make sure it’s happy-tear-proof…

Skin that glows

With a little highlighter, your skin can radiate beauty. Add a dash of shimmer to the tip of your nose, and your cheeks… this is another way of riffing off your natural gorgeousness. Or take it up a notch, and add some metallic accents with gold or bronze.

Flushed Rosy Cheeks

This exudes romantic swept-off-your-feet type vibes. A cream or blush powder can add that little extra color to the apples of your cheeks.

Your Wedding Hair and Makeup Goals

Obviously, the goal is to feel comfortable, to still look and feel like you. And the best part about that is there are no rules. You are the only you, so you get to choose.

Make sure you take extra good care of your skin and hair before your special day and have fun. Don’t be afraid to try something new, and above all, know that you’re going to render everyone breathless with how beautiful you’ll look as you make your way down the aisle.


Whether this inspires you to try out a few different looks from the list or—even better—it sparked an idea of your own, we have no doubt you’re going to absolutely rock whatever look you choose.

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