Tips for Finding the Best Ruby Gemstone

Renowned as the “King of Gemstones,” rubies have captivated people with their amazing attraction and flaming red color for ages. Navigating through a lot of options to find the right ruby gemstones can be difficult. To assist you locate the ruby that speaks to you, here are some pointers to help you navigate a network of options.


A ruby’s greatest noticeable feature is its color. The best rubies have a deep, rich bright red color that is sometimes referred to as “pigeon’s blood.” Look for saturation, uniformity, and richness when analyzing color. Stay clear of stones with tones of orange or brown since they do not have the required brilliance.


Superior rubies should have few to no clear errors, even if the majority of them have natural impurities. Despite this, other imperfections, like silk or needles, might draw attention to a stone’s brilliance by producing the desired “silk effect” or “asterism.” In the end, pick a ruby whose imperfections don’t take away from its overall beauty.


A ruby’s brilliance and sparkle are greatly affected by its cut. For the best light reflection, choose stones with accurate faceting and even dimensions. Although the oval, round, and cushion tend to be traditional cuts, your ruby can also have an unusual cut that gives it a stronger personality.

Carat Weight

Ruby gemstones can be found in a variety of sizes, from small accent stones to large centerpieces. When picking the carat weight, take your preferences and budget in consideration. Remember that larger rubies usually demand better prices, particularly if they have amazing color and clarity.


The certifications, which verify the qualities and authenticity of the stone, are given by renowned labs like the American Gemological Laboratories (AGL) or the Gemological Institute of America (GIA). Certifications also provide security and are an important source of documentation for insurers.


Common treatments include crack filling, which reduces the visibility of cracks, and heat treatment, to improves the uniformity of color and remove unwanted colors. Even while treated rubies can still have amazing beauty, you should be aware of how previous treatment may have affected their value and durability in the years to come.

Right Setting

Whether you have a preference for an aged solitaire ring, a complex vintage setting, or an up-to-date simple style, make sure the setting you pick suits your taste and emphasizes the beauty of the ruby. In addition, think about the kind of metal—such as platinum, white gold, or yellow gold—that best highlights the color and contrasts with the brilliance of the ruby.


A mix of judgment, understanding, and a keen eye are needed to find the perfect ruby gemstones. You can start a fulfilling journey to find a ruby that perfectly captures your taste and style by learning about the Four Cs, getting certified, being informed of treatments, and selecting the right setting. Let the everlasting appeal of your ruby gemstone show through and fill your life with light, whether it represents luxury, love, or wealth.

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