Last Epoch Beginner’s Guide: Tips and Strategies for New Players

Last Epoch, like many ARPGs, is a complex game filled with intricate mechanics focusing on loot rarity, build diversity, and item affixes that seasoned players use to navigate through endgame content effortlessly. For newcomers, these elements can seem overwhelming and may even be overlooked initially. This guide will cover everything from basic controls to advanced techniques like maximizing the Forge Hot Air Balloon Rides.

Last Epoch strikes an ideal balance between the complexity of Path of Exile and the accessibility of Diablo 4, making it a great entry point for those new to the genre.

Choosing Your Class

In Last Epoch, you start by choosing from five base classes, each branching into three master classes, totaling 15 unique paths:

  • Sentinel: Paladin, Void Knight, Forge Guard
  • Acolyte: Warlock, Necromancer, Lich
  • Primalist: Druid, Beastmaster, Shaman
  • Rogue: Falconer, Marksman, Bladedancer
  • Mage: Runemaster, Sorcerer, Spellblade

Best Classes for Beginners

Your choice of class should reflect your preferred playstyle. For melee lovers, the Sentinel is a robust choice. Magic users will find their home with the Acolyte or Mage classes. Beginners might find the Necromancer within the Acolyte class particularly forgiving due to its focus on summoning minions to do the heavy lifting.

How to Play Last Epoch

At its core, Last Epoch is about defeating mobs, collecting loot, and progressing through a linear storyline that becomes skippable after your initial playthrough. Gameplay involves using a mouse and keyboard or controller to navigate and combat. Your journey begins in a world under siege, where early encounters with low-level enemies teach you the basics of combat and Last Epoch power leveling.

In Last Epoch, each ability has its own skill tree, allowing for deep customization based on your preferred tactics. As you defeat enemies and bosses, you’ll collect loot that enhances your abilities and overall power, streamlining your ability to progress through zones.

Understanding Progression

Your initial progression follows a straightforward path through a 9-Act campaign, expected to bring you up to around level 55. The real depth of Last Epoch opens up post-campaign, where you’ll dive into endgame activities like the Monolith of Fate, starting at level 50, and other scalable challenges designed to push your character towards levels 80-90.

Traversal in the World of Eterra

Traversal is primarily on foot, with movement controlled by mouse clicks or joystick on a controller. As you progress, you’ll unlock class-specific movement skills like:

  • Fury Leap (Primalist)
  • Teleport (Mage)
  • Lunge (Sentinel)
  • Transplant (Acolyte)
  • Shift (Rogue)

Exploring Dungeons and Additional Content

Aside from the main quest, Last Epoch is rich with side quests, dungeons, and specialized endgame content like Arenas and The Monolith of Fate, each offering unique challenges and rewards.


Dungeons in Last Epoch are specialized areas designed to challenge players with tougher enemies and intricate layouts. These dungeons are not just random skirmishes; they are carefully crafted experiences that require a dungeon key to access. Losing in a dungeon means losing the key, adding a layer of stakes and strategy to these ventures. Players venture into dungeons to:

  • Obtain High-Level Gear: Dungeons often contain unique loot that can’t be found anywhere else, making them a crucial part of character and build optimization.
  • Encounter Unique Challenges: Each dungeon has its own set of enemies and bosses, providing fresh challenges that require players to adapt their strategies.
  • Earn Special Rewards: Completing dungeons can grant rare items, increased experience points, and special crafting materials that are essential for high-level play.

The Monolith of Fate

The Monolith of Fate is a signature endgame feature in Last Epoch, unlocked after completing the main campaign. It consists of various Timelines, each with its own unique environment, set of enemies, and challenges. Here’s what makes the Monolith of Fate a pivotal part of Last Epoch’s endgame:

  • Progressive Difficulty: As players advance through different Timelines, the difficulty increases, offering better rewards and more intense challenges.
  • Customizable Paths: Players can choose different routes within the Monolith to tailor the difficulty and type of rewards they receive, making each run feel personalized.
  • Unique Items and Buffs: Successful runs can grant players exclusive items and permanent buffs that enhance their characters in significant ways.


Last Epoch features two types of Arenas: The Endless Arena and The Arena of Champions. These are designed to test a player’s limits in different ways:

  • The Endless Arena: As the name suggests, this arena pits players against an unending wave of enemies that increase in difficulty. It’s a perfect place to test survival skills and efficiency, with performance tracked via a global leaderboard.
  • The Arena of Champions: This arena offers a set number of waves culminating in a champion-level boss fight. Victory in this arena yields substantial rewards, emphasizing strategic planning and mastery of your character’s capabilities.

Side Quests

While traversing the various zones of Last Epoch, players will encounter numerous NPCs offering side quests. These quests are marked by a blue icon above the NPC’s head and can significantly enrich the gameplay experience:

  • Varied Objectives: Side quests may involve retrieving items, defeating specific enemies, or solving puzzles.
  • Rewards: Completing side quests not only provides experience points and Last Epoch gold but may also offer unique items, Passive Skill Points, and Idol Slots, enhancing your character’s abilities and customization options.

Additional Tips for Dungeons and Side Content

  • Preparation is Key: Before entering a dungeon, ensure your gear and skills are optimized for the challenges ahead.
  • Explore Every Corner: Dungeons and side quests often hide secrets or additional challenges that can offer greater rewards.
  • Use the Right Skills: Some dungeons and arenas may favor certain types of skills or tactics, so be ready to adapt your approach based on the scenario.

Engaging with these aspects of Last Epoch not only provides a richer and more varied gaming experience but also aids in developing your character’s abilities and preparing them for the highest levels of play. Whether you’re a solo adventurer or part of a group, these features ensure there’s always something new to discover and conquer.

Can You Respec in Last Epoch?

You can respec your Passive and Specialization Skills but changing your Master Class after selection is not possible. Respeccing involves a nominal fee in Last Epoch gold, which is a secondary use for the currency outside of vendor transactions.

Understanding Loot Rarity

Understanding item rarity is crucial for crafting your ideal build:

  • Common (White): Basic items without affixes.
  • Magic (Blue): Items with up to two affixes.
  • Rare (Yellow): Items with three to four affixes.
  • Unique (Orange): Items with unique stats and effects.
  • Set (Green): Items that provide bonuses when worn with other items from the same set.
  • Exalted (Purple): Superior items with high-tier affixes.
  • Legendary (Red): Rare items combining Unique and Exalted traits.

Essential Tips and Tricks

  • Focus on completing the main story on your first character to unlock mechanics and level up.
  • Engage with side quests for additional rewards like EXP, gold, and Passive Skill Points.
  • Use the Loot Filter to manage gear collection effectively.
  • Keep an eye on your health and mana levels during combat, making use of potions as necessary.

By following these guidelines, you’ll better navigate the complexities of Last Epoch, from your initial class selection to mastering endgame content. Remember, each class has unique advantages, so experiment with what fits your playstyle best as you grow from a novice to a seasoned adventurer.

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