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Hip pain is joint and affects a lot of people. A healthy hip position can make you feel better all around. Even though chiropractors are trained to adjust you can do some at home. But it would help if you talked to a chiropractor in Matthews NC before trying to fix yourself. Precision Chiropractic has doctors in Matthews NC who can help you stay safe. They stress how crucial professional supervision is to keep people from getting hurt.

Understanding Hip Anatomy

The hip is a ball and socket joint that is very important for moving. It links the pelvis to the thigh bone. The hip flexors and the gluteus maximus medius and minimus are some of the most important muscles. Ligaments and muscles hold the joint together and keep it stable. Everyday problems like muscle strain or arthritis can cause hip pain. A chiropractor in Matthews NC can help you figure out what is wrong and fix it. Knowing how your hip is built can help you make safe changes.

Preparatory Steps

Getting a hip adjustment is vital to ensure it goes well and safely. Before you try to crack your hip like a chiropractor in Matthews here are the most important things you should do:

Warm Up Exercises

It is essential to warm up your muscles before making any changes. This helps the blood flow and movement which makes the change easier and lowers the risk of getting hurt. For about 5 to 10 minutes do light movements like hip circles, leg swings and walking in place.

Stretching Techniques

Once warmed up do stretches that focus on the hip area. Your primary focus should be the hip flexors, glutes and legs. Hold each stretch for 15 to 30 seconds then do it again on the other side. Stretching improves the range of motion and prepares the muscles for change.

Safe Environment

Pick a place that is safe and comfortable for you to make your change. Don’t fall. Use a surface that doesn’t slip. Make sure there are no sharp items or obstacles close. It is being able to rest your back on a stable chair or surface during the fix.

Proper Form And Execution

While adjusting, pay attention to your stance and how your body works. Don’t jerk or twist your body, move slowly and steadily. Pay attention to your body and stop if it hurts or makes you feel bad. It is better to change slowly and carefully than to force it.

Consultation With A Professional

It is best to talk to a chiropractor in Matthews NC before trying to fix your body alone. They can check your hip health and advise you on how to stay safe. A chiropractor can also suggest exercises or tweaks that are best for you.

Precision Chiropractic In Matthews, NC

Precision Chiropractic is the best chiropractic office in Matthews NC and they focus on hip adjustments and the health of your spine as a whole. Their team of skilled chiropractors can give you safe tips on how to fix your hips. Get in touch with Precision Chiropractic immediately to set up an appointment and learn more about how to safely and effectively crack your hip.

Techniques To Crack Your Hip

You can safely crack your hip at home in several ways. Always ask a chiropractor in Matthews NC for help in a gentle way. Here are three ways that work:

Supine Hip Adjustment

Lay on your back on a flat hard surface. Put your feet flat on the ground and bend your knees. Bring one knee up to your chest slowly. Pull the knee across your body slowly toward the shoulder on the other side. For a few seconds hold this pose. Then slowly let go and switch sides. This method helps to stretch and move the hip joint which can relieve stress and maybe even make you feel a pleasant pop. It would help if you moved slowly and did not force yourself into any places when making this move.

Seated Hip Adjustment

Place your feet flat on the ground and back straight on a sturdy chair or bench. To make a figure four form, cross one leg over the other so that the ankle sits on the knee of the other person. Use a light touch to press down the raised knee with your hand. Your hips and glutes should feel like they’re stretching. Stay in this pose for a short time and then switch legs. This method focuses on the hip joint and the muscles around it to help balance and ease.

Standing Hip Adjustment

Keep your back straight and your feet hip width apart. Put your weight on one leg and lift the knee on the other leg up to your chest. Grab your knee with both hands and drag it close to your body. At the same time turn your body a little toward the raised leg.

You might hear a pop as the hip joint gets used to the new position. Let go of the leg and do it again on the other side. With this method your body weight and light movements change the hip joint making it more flexible and less painful.

When you use these methods you should be careful and aware of what your body can and can’t do. Do not force yourself to move or experience pain. Talk to a chiropractor in Matthews NC if you feel any pain or aren’t sure about your method. Precision Chiropractic can give you personalized advice and show you how to safely make these adjustments.

These exercises can help keep your hips flexible and comfortable. Regular strengthening and stretching routines can also help keep your hips healthy. Remember that self adjustments are only a short term fix. If you are in pain or frequently misaligned you should see an expert. A chiropractor in Matthews NC can help with all your hip problems and find long term answers.

When To See A Chiropractor

In some cases you need skilled help. If self adjustments don’t help with the pain you should see a chiropractor. You need to see a doctor if you have chronic pain or extreme soreness. Regularly attending a chiropractor in Matthews NC can keep problems from worsening. They offer treatment plans that are made just for you. If you have hip problems Precision Chiropractic can help you in many ways. They use modern methods to make sure the results are promising. Going to the doctor can help keep your hips healthy.


Making changes to your hips can make your life better. They help you move around better, ease pain and keep you from getting hurt. But safety is paramount. Before trying to fix you you should talk to a chiropractor in Matthews NC. It is essential to have the right tools and techniques. Getting regular chiropractic care can help for a long time. In Matthews NC Precision Chiropractic provides top notch services. Put your hip health first by getting help from a professional. Don’t make any dangerous changes to yourself and constantly listen to your body.

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