Everything You Need to Know About Privacy Stickers for Windows

Are you living in a fishbowl and looking for some peace? You have, for sure, stopped at the right place. We will discuss everything you need to know about privacy stickers for windows. Creative Window offers an easy-to-use solution with its self-adhesive privacy stickers for windows. Their attractive features will satisfy your sanction needs.

As the name suggests, security stickers are thin, sticky films glued to the window glass surface for multiple purposes, mainly solitude. They are used equally in homes and offices to create small personal spaces. Although curtains and blinds serve the same purpose, privacy stickers have many advantages over them. Let’s explore the uses, benefits, and ways of applying these privacy stickers together.

Types of Privacy Stickers

Among all types of window films, privacy stickers are the most handy. This type of window film is also called self-adhesive window film. They have four further types:

  • Blackout adhesive film
  • Matte adhesive film
  • One-side Mirror adhesive film
  • Printed adhesive film

At Creative Window, we have a variety of privacy stickers for windows.

Pros and Cons of Privacy Stickers

Everybody says privacy stickers save you from unnecessary interruption, but this is not a big deal. Curtains and blinds serve the same purpose, right? But tell us, who wants to get trapped in a dark room during the day? This is one of the plus points of using window stickers. While preventing complete darkness, these films protect against harmful rays and the rush outside. 

Curtains, blinds, static clings, window coatings, and regular window films need to be attached by a professional. Self-adhesive personalized stickers can be attached easily at home with a few tools and steps. Window films provide a permanent and potent solution compared to static cling films. 

Although the privacy stickers are less durable than coatings and curtains, they create a lot less mess during installation. They are very budget-friendly and can be detached easily whenever needed. With privacy stickers for windows, your privacy needs are met day and night equally without the hassle of darkness. 

Sizes on the Market

Privacy stickers come in all shapes and sizes. Moreover, Creative Window offers custom cuttings with the finest machines. We supply full window coverage along with high-quality window films. Only borders for window decoration are also available in attractive designs. It’s up to you to choose what size you want to order.

How to Apply Privacy Stickers for Windows?

We have listed some easy steps when applying privacy stickers on your windows. Follow along:

  1. Mark and measure your window. Always order an inch wider and an inch longer window film
  2. Clean and sweep your window to remove any dirt particles or glue debris for smooth attachment.
  3. Unroll your window film
  4. Mix in a spray bottle filled with 2–3 drops of any dishwashing liquid. Put aside.
  5. Start removing the sticker liner. Longer pieces need two people for the task. Completely detach.
  6. Now, spray your soapy spray generously on the window glass. There should be enough water to not allow any air to enter the window surface.
  7. Apply the same spray, a little,  on the sticky side of the sheet. Now start applying from the top corner, gradually pushing downwards. Squeeze with pressure so no air bubbles are allowed between the privacy sticker and the window glass.
  8. Let it cure. The sticker needs a few days for proper dryness and application.


Creative Window presents privacy stickers for windows. Along with glare reduction and energy efficiency, these stickers beautify your windows. They allow privacy without blackening the place. These stickers are self-adhesive and need a little effort to be attached. We have listed eight steps that will lead to a foolproof application. Overall, privacy stickers are a handy solution for your isolation needs. 

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