Easy Font Customization Tips for Mac Users

Customizing fonts on your MacBook makes using your computer fun and better. Customized Mac fonts turn your computer into a personalized gadget. You may personalize the main Mac fonts system or do it in specific apps.

This lets you try out varying styles to create a visually appealing desktop. There are various tools and strategies you can try out to tailor-make your computer. Most of the strategies are simple but make a big difference on your Mac.

Font Customization Tips for Mac Users

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How to find fonts on Mac

All Mac fonts are stored in the Font Book by default. The simplest way to access them is to open the Font Book on Mac. You can also locate this folder by typing the command /Library/Fonts/. Another way to find them is to download them for the Apple platform. You may also buy any volume from third-party platforms. Once you buy, download and install them.

Do not worry if you find discovering tricks about how to install fonts on Mac daunting. You may add them to the Library or specific applications. How to use a downloaded font depends on the application in use. For instance, you may add a font to Word on Mac to improve the appearance of your texts.  Word contains a font box where you can select the type and size. If you want them to appear in the Mac fonts lists, add them in the font box.

Use accessibility settings to improve document readability

The Mac operating system has many features that improve text readability. These features are useful if you have problems reading small letters or numbers. The text zoom feature increases the typeface size, making it bigger or smaller. Turn it on by opening System Preferences. Open accessibility and turn on Zoom.

You may increase contrast to add other features in the text. Turn on the Display feature by opening System Preferences. Scroll and open Accessibility and then Display. These features make reading texts on Mac easier. It makes texts clearer and more unique.

Customizing Mac fonts in specific applications

You can change the styles of arrangement in different apps. For instance, you may personalize your default font for word processors. Open the word processor and select the default type or style for the app. You may also customize fonts for composing emails. Open your email page and then the Settings menu.

Under Mail, open Preferences and then Fonts and Colors. Set your default typeface for creating emails, and replies. Another app that you can customize your typeface is Safari. You may change colors, size, and type. Open Safari and click on Preferences. Open Advance and adjust the colors and sizes. This Mac customization is useful for creating a consistent brand online. It ensures you maintain specific typeface sizes, colors, and types.

Font Customization Tips for Mac

 Image Credit: pexels

Change font attributes on macOS

Attributes help you change the looks and colors of a font. This feature works on any document format. During editing, select the text you want to change. You may tweak the looks including size and boldness. Change the colors to your preference. Save the changes to apply them in the highlighted text. You can also change the name of your preferred style.

Note that macOS has many built-in fonts and these can also be customized. What you can customize is not the code but the appearance. These fonts may not be available in some applications. For instance, they might not be available in Safari or design apps. If the typeface is available in a certain app only, you can change it only in that app.

Use an automation app to organize your fonts

You might want to organize fonts based on families or types. Manual Mac customizing is a tedious process. You might make more errors and some of them might end up missing. An automation app helps solve these issues. It lets you organize them based on download time, brand, or structure. You can use it to create well-organized font libraries.

You do not need to remember all the names when you have this app. The app removes all duplicates ensuring you save space. During design, this app collects and suggests the most appropriate typefaces to use for the artwork. It lets you sync all your fonts across different devices and platforms. You can use it to view your current Mac fonts list including imports.


Mac customizing features let you tweak your fonts in many ways. You can use this feature to segment them into different collections. You may add or remove them as you wish to fit your preferences. macOS allows you to change the styles including size, color, and boldness. The macOS inbuilt fonts could be limited. In this case, you can download more from the Apple platform or third parties. Follow the simple installation process and install in specific apps or macOS.

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