Botox Uses That Might Surprise You At Avellina Aesthetics

Believe it or not, today, in this advanced technology world, Botox has many medical uses other than eyelid spasms.

Botox- a word that brings youthful smiles and clear skin to our mind! As we know, one of the first applications of Botox was to calm eyelid spasms, but with time, it was then applied to cosmetics. Therefore, choosing Avellina Aesthetics for Botox treatment can be one of the best choices because you will get the best outcomes after Botox treatment here.

Keep reading to find out more:

A.Scar wars

B. Facial Asymmetry

C.Overactive Bladder

Let us discuss the points in detail:

Facial Asymmetry:

Some neurological disorders cause facial asymmetry. It causes sudden paralysis or weakness in the facial muscles when it takes place. No matter even if the symptoms vanish somehow, one side of your face might still feel more “slack” in comparison to the other. In such a case, Botox Treatment is used to restore the symmetry of the face. It softens up the face animation to match the weaker affected side. 

Scar wars:

Most people are not aware that Botox can be used before the surgery to help with scar healing! Yes, you heard it right! Botox can be used at the place where there’s usually lots of muscle movement found.

For example: in the forehead, Botox is generally used before the procedure to ‘quiet’ the overall forehead area during the healing process. This quieting of the muscle prevents the skin from moving too much, which reduces scarring.

Overactive Bladder:

Do you know? About 33 million people suffer from overactive bladder conditions every single year! When nerve signals alarm a person’s body that the Bladder is full when it isn’t really, this kind of issue generally occurs. In 2013, Botox got approval from the FDA to treat this disorder. Botox usually prevents the muscles present in your Bladder from “squeezing” much. In reality, these muscles are more responsible for going out to pee over and again! Botox injections to cure the overactive Bladder should be given every three months!

Time to Sum Up:

Hence, these were some of the Botox uses that might surprise you! If you are looking for Botox treatment at affordable prices, then, we must say, Avellina Aesthetics is your best pick to go for! You can book an appointment by either calling us on (215) 722-6022 or filling up the contact form available on our website.

So, what are you waiting for? Call us today!

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