6 Simple Techniques for Shooting Better Travel Videos

6 Simple Techniques for Shooting Better Travel Videos


Traveling has become a major part of our lives. Moreover, people love to share the bits and pieces of their journey. Travel videography is a skill not everyone possesses. There are plenty of travel videos on YouTube and other social media sites, but only a handful of them stick with viewers. You can start with your video editing journey.

It has never been simpler for someone with no prior video-making skills to begin videoing their adventures. Who knows where it will end up? Anything is possible as your confidence and talents grow – including earning money!

You’ll need a passion for travel, to begin with. It is critical. After that, see your journey as a sequence of landscapes. You’ll do it using videos in the same way that an artist captures the wonder of a scene with paint. In this scenario, the brush is a camera, and the canvas is an editing tool.

You want your video to stand out, so here’s how to do it. Here are six suggestions for making your vacation videos more interesting to watch.

Plan the Video

It’s preferable to have a rough concept of the video you want to shoot before turning on the camera. You want the video to be fascinating to everyone, not just you. There’s no excuse for producing a dull video, whether you’re doing it for your enjoyment or to broadcast on your YouTube channel. It’s not enough to just put some gorgeous photos and music together; you need to create a story.

You’ll keep the interest of the audience in mind till the very end by presenting your unique personal story. As a result, attempt to plan and consider how you would like your video to shape out. Creating a scenario and selecting a certain type of video should aid in this process. You can go through fellow travel vloggers to check what kind of videos they are creating and based on that plan a trip to start with your video creation journey.

Be Smart with Video Shooting

Getting as much footage as possible is good advice since it provides you with a lot of material to work with. Videomakers, on the other hand, frequently conflate “shooting enough” with “over-capturing.” They often start making movies as soon as they arrive at their location. It’s pointless to take superfluous shots because these will just add to your editing time. Rather than focusing solely on making a video, you should concentrate on discovering the beauty of a location. Remember, you’re there to enjoy your travel, not just to create videos. Make a list of the moments you truly want to remember and appreciate for the rest of your life. Whether you’re creating traditional travel videos or a faceless video, capture your footage when the lighting is ideal, which is generally early in the morning or around sunset.

Focus on the Journey and Destination

Most travel video producers make the mistake of recording pictures that are primarily focused on themselves instead of the place. Keep in mind the fact that your readers aren’t interested in your daily routine, travel plans or life in general. They go through your movies to get a feel of the place and abandon it if there isn’t anything worth watching.

Travel videos are designed to tell a tale about a place, represent the culture, and highlight local customs and cuisine, among other things. This is not the place to brag about your life or accomplishments. As a result, fewer videos of all the parties or adventurous activities you love should be included. Instead, focus on the history, people, and ambiance of the destination. Carefully select moments and make a compelling tale that will entice others to come.

Narrating the Story

Describe your journey. This is the easiest off-camera action to conduct once you’ve arrived at your holiday location for first-time travel video producers. Later on, you’ll be able to tweak your voice bites live on camera. Your narrative will function like a map; it will tell the story. You’ll be able to decide the catchphrases and metaphors you’ll need if you get this down first.

Without the audio, you’ll need some room in your video, therefore the narration should be less than the actual run duration. Insert a blank video tape into your camera and use the camera microphone or an external microphone to record your script. Keep in mind that you’ll need to take a break between phrases to alter your audio.

Diversify your Video Creation Shots

To pique the interest of viewers, videographers need to innovate and diversify how they record photos. Experiment with sophisticated features such as time-lapse, slow rotation, and video from a moving vehicle. Additionally, you may utilize graphics and filters throughout the editing process to add some glitz to the finished video.

To depict the thrill and intensity of the location, motion is required. This may be accomplished in a variety of methods, including hyper-lapse, drifting, or photographing something that is already moving.

Editing your Video

Get some rudimentary video-editing tools. Video-editing tool is included with many HD video cameras and PCs. You may also get low-cost tools on the internet. First, add your narrative to your timeline. This will assist you in determining which photos you’ll need to tell your tale. Make a timeline with your finest travel photos.

Pay attention to your narrative and demonstrate what you’re saying. To give your travel video additional character, include sound bites from locals. Find music to use in your video, such as local music or music that evokes the atmosphere of your holiday location. Re-edit your video. You can use an online video editor to make the final edit and bring out the best in line for your viewers.


It might be difficult to make a travel video that engages viewers. You never know what your target audience loves or hates. To get their attention, it’s better to stick to tried and true methods. Make your videos worth the time of your viewers to keep them coming back to your channel.

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