5 Wonderful Uses of Artificial Intelligence


Remember all those dystopian movies showing that one day the world would be controlled by Artificial Intelligence? It is safe to say that we have finally tapped into the potential of Artificial Intelligence (AI for short) but in a very controlled way.

We have actually found interesting ways to make our lives a lot easier through the incorporation of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. These range from everyday household tasks to major elements of running a business.

Today we will be talking about all the brilliant ways that AI helps us without us even realizing them, which have been provided in detail below:

1. Fraud Prevention through Artificial Intelligence in E-commerce

Two of the most fraudulent attempts  are very common when shopping online: credit card fraud and fake reviews.

Artificial Intelligence has finally made it possible to cut down potential credit card fraud by reading ongoing patterns of the fraud taking place. Let’s get into the technicalities, so AI basically monitors all the incoming data which allows them to stop potential threats before they are executed. AI also uses intelligent algorithms that take information from historical data and detect any sort of oddity in the transactions taking place.

This way AI is able to flag suspicious transactions before they even take place. As the AI behind this process is being strengthened and developed, with time you can finally say goodbye to being victimized to credit card fraud!

Similarly, people tend to buy products based on the reviews that other customers leave. The problem exists where people tend to leave fake reviews online, decreasing credibility and increasing trust issues among new customers. However, through the use of Artificial Intelligence, fake reviews can be identified and handled accordingly.

All in all, Artificial Intelligence has been integrated into e-commerce platforms to make sure that the process is as secure as possible.

2. Voice Assistants

Even though voice assistants just look like ordinary devices able to speak and carry out tasks for you, they are actually powered by Artificial Intelligence as well. Some examples of these voice assistants include Amazon Alexa, Google Nest Hub, Microsoft Cortana, and even Apple’s Siri which you find in Macbooks and iPhones.

These voice assistants come with an integrated AI-backed up Voice User Interface (VUI). The VUI basically allows your assistant to “listen” to what you say and make sense of it so that it can execute the needed action. For instance, if you ask your assistant to play a certain song on Spotify, it will listen to you, and using its VUI, it will play the song . Cool, isn’t it?

However, to use your voice assistant as seamlessly as possible, you must make sure that you have an internet connection at home that rarely has any outages. We would recommend that you get Xfinity Internet to make the best out of your voice assistant!

3. Self-Driving Cars

Another prime example of the use of Artificial Intelligence is self-driving cars. Back when the Tesla first came out, it was a game-changer because of its “autopilot” mode. The autopilot mode allows the car to drive itself, without you as a driver having to take control of it.

All of this was made possible because of the integration of Artificial Intelligence in cars. They couple the technology with highly sensitive motion sensors and proximity sensors that allow the car to intelligently detect upcoming movement and change lanes. The AI is also capable of fetching data from your car’s GPS, radar, cameras, and a lot more to make sure that you are as safe as possible.

Similarly, cars such as BMW also come with self-parking features that use proximity sensors and a touch of Artificial Intelligence to safely park the car without you having to do anything at all!

4. Cancer Screening

AI has even made its way into the healthcare industry, as many kinds of diagnosis now depend on computers and Artificial Intelligence for more accurate results. It is also being used in the application of cancer screening..

The deep-learning algorithms in Artificial Intelligence make it possible to detect possible cancers in the human body, including breast cancer which is fairly common, unfortunately.

These algorithms are made stronger mostly because of existing cancer research and journals that have made it possible to give greater accuracy. The deep-learning element also grabs information from existing clinical trials and drug development as well.

5. Facial Recognition

Another example that we use every day, is the facial recognition technology in our devices. These devices usually include smartphones such as iPhones and Android phones, laptops, tablets, and so on.

Have you ever wondered how this technology works? It clearly just can’t be your camera looking at your face and unlocking your device, right?

It’s actually a lot more than that because there is an integration of AI as well. The Artificial Intelligence in our devices is capable of mapping out key details of our face, which then allows the device to unlock itself.

In fact, you would be surprised to know that the Face ID feature of the iPhone makes use of infrared sensors that map out your face, create a 3D image within your phone, and then allow it to unlock itself. This is why Apple claims that no one else can open your phone other than yourself, giving you a superior level of security! Brilliant, isn’t it? This gives you all the more reason to use Face ID feature on your phone.

There is no doubt that Artificial Intelligence turned out exactly the way that we predicted it to be, a game-changer. There are so many other things that we use every day that have a little bit of AI in them, and we just don’t seem to realize it!

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